Aggressive Marketing Strategy: Good or Bad ?

I have been out of marketing for a long time due to illness and as I got some of my energy back I started doing zoom events and talking to people about their business. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m getting a sense that more business owners are demanding more and more aggressive marketing to be implemented for them. 

Let me give you some examples to illustrate what I’m talking about. One business owner after reading a book about how to grow his business decided to cold call. This is actually almost identical to about 20+ owners I have talked to the last 4 or 5 months. So I’ll try to tell the story and keep the owner’s info private. 

His business is struggling. His only few customers he works for are from word of mouth. The owner has hired and fired half a dozen cold callers. He bought leads from D7 leads or some other platform. I talk to him and he tells me that they are all horrible salespeople and he is tired of training them. I also ask him has he cold-called. Pretty much 100% it’s no and for some reason like I don’t have time. 

After listening to this I tell him to say Tony Robins or whoever is the best salesperson on the planet maybe Wolf of Wall Street works for you and he called. Do you think he will get you the 5 closes you are demanding as your minimum? This is often when I for the first time I get them to pause and not to try to run me over. 

If I get a pause I ask them when telemarketers call you. Do you let them read the script and try to close you on their expensive product? 

It’s a huge struggle for me to educate them that you are an aggressor when you call and take their time and try to manipulate that into a sale. I’m not saying people don’t pull it off but you aggressively get into their life and demand something with no permission. The only natural human reaction is to get defensive against the aggressors. 

It’s similar to aggressive spam emails. I have seen other sets of business owners try this. It’s very similar to cold calling. 

There are other aggressive marketing examples but these 2 types are very popular and 99% don’t produce results. 

Why do business owners do this? 

I think often they don’t take the time to develop empathy to put themselves in the shoes of their target prospect and think from their perspective. 

So how to go from being an aggressive marketer to being helpful? 

Well the best way is to provide some content of value that will give some benefit or solve a problem or enlighten the prospect and let them come to you. 

The key thing I try to educate them is to find a way to change the dynamic instead of having the aggressive flow go from you to them, to change it to when it goes from them to you. You want them to want to talk to you then it’s relaxed, they listen and you don’t even have to sell like a used car salesman. You can do relaxing educational sales and it’s fun. They will want what you have once they understand it and it’s something they need. Also why would you want to sell something that is not needed and not solving a problem or giving a benefit. 

So the main thing I want to share with you is figure out how to place helpful relevant content where your prospect hangs out and get them to want to contact you so the request is inbound and it’s not aggressive outbound marketing. 

I hope this makes sense or at least to try to get you to think in a different direction.

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