How to increase your sales 101

This is the recording from the last LinkedIn Live event if you missed it:

Here is the transcript of the training:

Hello, everybody, my name is Dan Slobodan. And we’re gonna basically go through how to increase your sales. And this is going to be a basic level. However, if you’re experienced in sales and your sales funnel is working, I’m sure you’re gonna pick up some really good strategies. This is a real world 10 years of me working in sales, for I’m going to say at least 100 sales funnels that I worked on in 10 years, and I’ve probably talked to way more than that business owners. So this is going to be real life examples. And I’m basically, I’m going to teach you some strategies, some improvements that you can utilize. In these small improvements, a lot of times give you big results, you’d be shocked, what a little tweak, fix the campaign that didn’t work for six months. So you never know, these little improvements can really give you a an incredible, incredible result. Also, a lot of what makes your prospects take action on the offers that you’re going to have. And they also are going to have a q&a at the end. And also, if you want the PowerPoint if you like it, or the notes, and obviously the recording, that’s all going to be available. The recording will be emailed to everybody because LinkedIn collected your email address, so I’ll send that out. Usually within two working days, I need to just edit out when I’m switching over to mute people. I’m also going to post it on my LinkedIn dashboard. And I’ll put it on the blog on monthly mastermind dot orc. All right. And like I said, at the end, we’ll have a q&a. If there’s something that’s secret, or you know, you need a nondisclosure sign plugin of a startup, make sure you email me I’m happy to sign a nondisclosure of sun like 500 I’m I’m probably over the years. So it’s not a problem. I will sign it and keep everything secret that we discuss for your particular business. And then there is a bonus this time. I did the last presentation here on LinkedIn. And the problem that people had is they actually some of them had a sales funnel working. But they couldn’t get good quality leads into the top of the sales funnel so they can convert them. I stumbled. And then I had a surgery in March this year. And I’m pretty much been wiped out for the last few months, I feel better actually. The reason I have a raspy voice compared to the last event is I’m I have a pump chemo pump on me right now. And one of the side effects is this voice. There’s all kinds of others. But anyway, hopefully you can hear me. But that’s the reason for that. But I’ve been good enough where I can do these events. And I’ve done seven of these strategies that I’ll share with you at the end as a bonus. So far, I’ve done it for seven employers, I had 100% success rate. And I’ll give it to you as a bonus for giving me your valuable time. I don’t know how long it’s going to work. But right now it’s not saturated, I’m going to say 1% of businesses utilize this what I’m about to show you, right, and a lot of times people are concerned, you know, who am I to teach if you’re getting good information or not. I have before I got sick, I used to go all over the country and teach what I’m teaching you now, plus other things related to sales processes, a lot of like, you know, website sales and stuff like that. But it’s all relevant. And I’ve been teaching that for 10 years, I’ve done at least 300 speeches, I would say in life. And I go to webinar, I just recently switched to zoom, which had problems, a lot of people would complain, they can’t talk to me. So what I’ve done is I just got this dial path. And it seems like it’s working really well. Last time, we had a very good interactive q&a. So I’m hoping that’ll happen again today.

I’ve also worked with 200 plus other speakers which I’ve helped develop these strategies. But like I said, it’s not just them. I’ve worked for businesses on various niches. So this will work with 95%. If you’re some maybe government contractor for NASA, skunk works or something, it might not work, but I haven’t run into one yet. And let’s get to it. So we’re going to start with the end in mind. I’m sure you’ve heard of this, but it’s important to repeat it when you’re developing a complicated sales funnel with upsells down sales, split testing, tracking and all of that. You really want to have a goal You’re going towards. And if you don’t know where you want to end up, it’s going to be hard to reverse engineer the whole sales funnel in the steps for you to get to that finish line. So I said, start with the end in mind, because a lot of times, it’s not the sales, a lot of times on a bigger, more complicated, more expensive projects, you might have to actually accomplish meetings with the board. Or if it’s a nonprofit, they have very complicated procedures, but they still have a sales funnel, even for nonprofits. But you want to know what you want to accomplish. Sometimes it’s just an appointment, sometimes it’s a sale, sometimes it’s for you to get a job. Sometimes it’s for you, just to sell a ecommerce product on your Shopify store, start with that end in mind. And then you’re going to reverse engineer how you’re going to get there. That’s really what I see a lot of people skip this, even though Covey, I forgot his first name, he preaches this a lot in his books start with the end in mind. So this is where I got that, but I always repeat it. Because I’ve seen about half the business owners do not they start from the beginning, and they try to work themselves to the end. And by then, their whole complicated funnel is going in the wrong direction, it’s hard to pivot, I find that easier. If you you know, the end result, then you can have some milestones, and then you get the beginning is then you it’s become self aware. Okay? Now, the thing that’s going to make the sales work much, much better, is if you do the preparatory work, because a lot of people, they go straight into the end sales, there’s no prep preparation, in what happens is they cannot get the deal, they cannot get the customer, they cannot get anything. A lot of times, you can be Tony Robbins, the best salesperson on the planet, let’s assume he is I don’t know if he is or not. But I always hear like he’s a great sales guy. He might not be able to sell because he had some preparatory work done. Before he gets to that, you know, 50,000 or $100,000, Tahiti resort. There’s all kinds of prep work. So what we’re going to cover, and I’ll have in more detail, but I want to list a few of them. That would be ideal if you can prepare, because it’s going to make the sales close, much, much, much easier. And it’s going to be less aggressive, less invasive, less pushy, and so on. So those some of them that are important is to kill the objections. So as you go through your sales funnel, and you’re learning your customers, and you learn everything, you’re going to know what the objections are. So through the preparatory stages and overhaul is you’re going to be killing those objections, you’re going to be answering them, you’re going to be explaining them and so on. You also want to establish yourself as a likeable person. And I’ll show you what that means. I put kill objections twice, I need to fix that. And keep going.

Keep going back to the sales press, add prep in add all the problems in the objections that you learn because you don’t know all of them upfront, this can be improved for years to come. Every time you discover something new that you hear from your prospect, they mentioned something, find out where in the preparatory stages of your sales funnel, you can put those in to help you not deal with it at closing, because that’s the worst time to deal with problems. And then what I would recommend before you even start, if you don’t have if you’re just building it, this is especially important. But also if you’re not getting the results that you want, if your close ratio is not the percentages that you want. What I’ve discovered is helped has already asked asked my employers is square your three biggest competitors. Then I have a lots of software like SpyFu, a crafts and so on. And I’ll plug them in, and I’ll kind of look at what they’re doing. And I don’t call this really spying, what they call it now is competitive intelligence. This is nothing illegal, because we’re not going to steal anything. We just want to see like what’s worked for them over the years. And a lot of times that’s self evident through the software that you can look at. And what you’re going to do is get an idea what kind of sales funnel they’re running, what kind of steps they have. And what I have clients do often is hire what’s called a mystery shopper. Have them videotape the screen as they’re going and buying so you can kind of look at it and get an idea of what their sales funnel is like. Now don’t steal their sales funnel data is illegal, but use that as a motivation to do a better job than they are But if you’re out of ideas, or if you’re not sure you’re stuck, or you’re just starting, this is a good way to, to really get some of that inspiration that you need for your sales funnel is look at what’s working for the number one, number two, and number three competitors out there, see what they’re doing. I always recommend to do that. So you want to make sure that you’re selling to the right prospect. Now, a lot of times what I’ve discovered, I’ll give an example actually, I had a guy who was getting literally 1000 People coming to his website, each and every single day, and he had zero sales, and more than 1000, because I put in Google Analytics, and he was just getting this junk traffic, he would buy these. He would buy this traffic from some Indian Agency, and I think it was all a scam, there were like robots. Well, you can, you can have tons of traffic, that’s not the right traffic, especially if it’s these bots. But even if you’re an insurance agent, okay, and you’re trying to sell life insurance, but you’re getting teenagers from Tik Tok, who are clicking on an ad and coming odds are, you’re never going to make a sale. Excuse me. So you want to make sure that you have the market,

the market match, so your message has to match the right market. Now, the way to find out, so you’re gonna have to do a little bit of again, Intelligence Review, to find out if you’re having the right people, so you can send out surveys, and to all your prospects, like for example, everybody registered for this event, I have your emails, I could theoretically send out a survey, I don’t need to do that. Because LinkedIn gives me that data. I know you guys are targeted, if you if you do the tip, I’m gonna give you at the end, you want me to do this step. However, if you have a Shopify store, or if you’re doing something on your website, or if you’re doing direct response mail, like the old school, where you mail stuff, or you know, Google ads, or whatever, I recommend do a survey periodically, you can also just email some questions. You want to make sure that you’re talking to the right people. And somebody just jump on a phone call, you’d be shocked what you can accomplish. I always if I can I go into phone, talk to people. And then after the comfortable, they’ll really tell you if they’re right person or not. And if it’s not the right prospect, you’ll need to figure out how to get the right traffic to your funnel. Or you might just start from scratch just to a totally brand new traffic source. And clarify your entire sales funnel. What do I mean by that? Anybody who’s confused, you’re confused prospect is one who’s never going to take action or rarely take action. So what you got to ensure is from the beginning of this whole process, that you totally clarify everything, from the beginning to the end, that it’s very, very clear that nothing, nothing is confusing that they totally understand 100% Of what every message through the entire sales process is now your sales process, it might just be a one one to one meeting. And then that’s still a sales process. During that meeting, everything that you speak, you have to be careful that they fully understand it. However, in today’s technology age, we’re less one on one. And we have more of these webinars like this one, we have more phone calls, and we have more group sales or even to have a seminar. That whole process however, you’re talking to your prospect might be even emails by the way, all of that has to be clear, even if you’re sending out autoresponders in email, they must be clear. Again, this is another reason where you might want to get those mystery shoppers. And then instead of sending them to your competitor, send them to you make them record it make go through your whole sales funnel. And then particularly because it might be clear to you 100%, but it’s not 100% clear to your prospect, and you’re not aware. So you want to become aware, and that this is totally clear. So you want to fix this. But the only way you’re going to be aware is if some stranger looks at it and then makes you aware of what they’re not clear on. So however, if you’re getting the numbers that you want, and you’re good to go, you can skip this step. Now you want to kill objections before you get to the offer. So the way I found the best way to kill objections now what do I mean by objections, like for example, depending on what kind of sale you’re trying to make, sometimes for me, I need to talk to my partner errs, I need to talk to my wife. I don’t have enough money. I’m not ready right now. Let me think about it. So you want to start compiling these I normally, what I have

my employers do is write down the most common objections they can think of, and then we’ll start a Google Doc. And as they run into a new objection, they put it in, then I’ll have meetings. And I’ll give them like, if I’ve ever dealt with that objection. For other employers, I’ll tell them like what has overcome that, or at least, with the most percentage success rate. However, you want to try to do that before you get to the close. Killing objections at the close is the hardest place to kill it. That’s when you don’t want to do it. However, if it gets there, then you still want to do it, it’s better something than nothing. The best time to kill an objection is in the preparatory stage. Now, let me tell you how you do that, is you want to tell a story. Like, for example, if the objection is let me think about it, if you’re getting a lot of those, what you want to do is tell a story, that, for example, like I sold website, and I wanted them to make a decision right then in there, because if they leave, they’re not going to buy a website from me, they’re going to think about it, then they’re going to go and find some agency, who’s going to close them right then and there, and then I won’t get the sale. So I don’t want that to happen, of course. So what I do is I build in the story is that we have, you know, a skilled team of designers in East Europe, we have fantastic web developers, and they do a custom job for you. But the bandwidth is a factor. So I slipped that in, which is true, by the way, you don’t want to lie and ad stories have to be true. bandwidth for a website is a problem. Today, it’s less of a problem, you have all these WordPress, but I did this 10 years ago, there was less of this automation, like before in plugins, and all of that. So we had to do a lot of custom programming for websites. Now this is even more like when I sell software, that’s even more important, which it is today. Like I have some employers that sold apps. So I use this objection for them, is have built in where they tell you, you know, we’re building these custom apps, that people were doing it, they have bandwidth. So you want to think of some stories that apply to you. And try to weave it in, either into your emails, if you’re sending auto responder on your website and your video sales letter into your videos, into your one on one, talk into your group talk on the seminar into your webinar, try to build in some stories for the most common objections. If you do that, that surpasses that, that barrier that they have for resistance. And it goes right to the subconscious, it’s proven that the stories are the best way to get the message across. Because somehow it gets through. Because since the dawn when we were cavemen, we love to sit around the fire in the cave and listen to stories while it works in sales. And then, if you can, not everybody can sell results. Really, when someone hires me to work for them, they immediately most of the time asked me what kind of results I can get them. They want to know that they’re buying results. And then I tried to best my ability, kind of portray a picture of the type of results I can get up. Now you have a client who does keto weight loss. In some jurisdictions, legally, you’re not allowed to give results. And I think it’s also like in finance, you’re not allowed to guarantee results like Bernie Madoff was guaranteeing, you know, I think they have laws, they want to check with your lawyer if you’re allowed to do that. But if you’re allowed to, and it’s legal, and you can, if you can sell a result that’ll give you one up on your competitors. So think of that if you can build up September results. If you can’t, then the closest you can do it legally. That’ll help you prepare for the close, because that’s a very powerful trigger for them to take action. And then try to make your sales funnel very special. In other words, what do I mean by that? You

for example, this is special, you came to my LinkedIn training. So if I was to make you an offer, which I’m actually not, but if I was selling something at the end, and I will eventually but right now I’m just slowly getting back into the after my two years of being gone, is slowly getting back into this. So I will make a sales offer because this is going could be like a Kindle book, it’s going to be a course. And it’s going to be coaching. I don’t have that today. But at some point I will when I make the offer, it’s going to be because you were on this event. And that makes it special. So think about how can you make it special, where they’re in a live event in a webinar or seminar? Are you doing a book launch? Well, a book launch that makes it special. So they’re participating. And then in that book, because you helped me left me a review, I give you this, and this, whatever that is, important day that makes it special, like Black Friday, Fourth of July, and so on. Or what’s also very special, a lot of times when I used to speak, and go around the country, I’d get invited by Chamber of Commerce, you know, an association, a trade show, I always made the offer, based on that. I have averaged 33%, like when I had a group special offer close rate, I’ve actually closed quite a few times over 50%. And that’s because it made it special. And they believed that and they invited me so I had some credibility from the association that invited me to speak at their event. And then I was able to make that special offer. So think of it, what can you make your sales funnel to be special to them. That’s not a lie. But it’s true. If you can accomplish that, it’s going to really increase your sales dramatically. So try to build that in if you can. All right. Also, now, this won’t apply to everybody. But if you have any kind of human interaction, even if it’s a video interaction, like if they watch your video, if it’s a podcast, or they hear your audio, or even if you send out email, the tone of email, or even the web sales copy on your website, you need to be likable. So keep in mind, text itself, the way you write the tone you are writing in, you need to make you likeable, or your company, if this is not you as a person, it has to be likable. If you have a sales team, and they did they do it, they need to be likable. Now what do I mean by that is you can’t have any kind of arrogance. Don’t be arrogant, in any kind of communication. Don’t be passive aggressive. Don’t give opinions this has become in the last year, I see. A lot of people getting canceled online, don’t have an opinion, because you don’t know what the wrong opinion is. So I’ve learned just to stay out of opinions of any way shape or form it just focus on what my mission is like my mission here is to help you with your sales funnel. That’s it. I’m staying out of any opinions here, because I don’t want to be an unlikable person. So try to think of that. Don’t be rude. You’d be shocked how many times I’ve seen my employers be rude, I’ve reviewed their call. Because I’ll have them record it or recur review there, I’ll jump on and resume Go To Webinar in the rudeness will come out sometimes it’s rare, but it does. And they’re shocked, they don’t have any sales. So the reason I’m saying this is they will dismiss you without even telling you. And if they don’t like you, they’re not going to take action. It’s simple as that. They have tons and tons of competitors to go to. So try to be likable. I cannot stress this enough. The other thing you want to do is you want to remove all the risk that you humanly can people, your prospects, they are risk adverse. In other words, they don’t want any risk. Now sometimes they know they have to take risks. Excuse me. So you want to reverse that risk as much as humanly possible. How do you do that? So you can do money back guarantee, develop some type of a bullet proof guarantee that you humanly can. So those could be if you can’t give her money back, you can do exchange over in Europe.

The left me I went to buy a phone. And when I was in Europe, and I said can I return this and get my money back or actually I said how many days do I have to return it to get my money back? The guy literally was in shock like a deer in the headlights was like What do you mean? He said, Well, we bring you back the phone. You give me my money. How many days do I have? So we don’t do that? Well, nobody in the entire country does that. So the best I could get is I had like 14 days to bring it back and they’ll give me a new phone. Yeah. So it change if you can’t throw money back. The other thing is, is they also offered me to fix the problems for two years. And you can also give a lifetime guarantee, I have a 1987 Dodge Ram is my car, and I put a bed in it to sink solar. So the components that are bought, the reason I picked them is I got a lifetime guarantee and some of the components for the solar that put in my van that’s that made me buy in take action over the other ones. So if you can do that, that’ll be fantastic. Someday, sometimes you can’t, I have seen 200% money back. Now, the only way you can do that is if you know your numbers extremely well, after years of optimizing your sales funnel. If you know what your ROI is return on investment in say you get it to a very high rate and your return rate is very low, you’re extremely confident it’s all working perfectly, then you can actually offer a 200% money back guarantee. In other words, that’s going to be a very powerful close very few people one out of 1000 do this kind of thing. But if you do that that’s gonna portray confidence in your sales offer. And you’re going to have a huge bump in your closing ratio. I am thinking about doing that down the road. Right now, I’m not doing it, but I’m thinking about doing that down the road. So think of it if he can pull it off. Don’t do it in the beginning if you’re early. And don’t do it if you don’t know your numbers.

And then I’ll tell you what I started doing. And this has bumped my numbers, and it’s a low risk for me. So when people hire me, most of the time, I used to charge a month upfront for the work, say it’s $4,000, it’s 4000 upfront. A lot of people the day don’t want to risk 4000 When someone somebody they just met. So what I’ve done is instead of 4000, it’s 1000 a week, or see if it’s 2000, it’s 500 a week. Well, what I do, and this is brand new, I’ve only done it for a month, I think I’ll say at the end of the week. So I’m not asking upfront, if you do the weekly, I’ll take the risk, then you I’ll send you an invoice for 500. But if you tell me you’re not happy, then I won’t even not only that you won’t pay me I won’t even send you the invoice that has worked fantastically, I’m zero, but I’ve only done this for about a dozen people, I had zero return zero people take me up on the offer. But it’s bumped my close ratio quite a bit. So I don’t know if you can work that in. But think about what how you can lower their risk your prospects, these are some ideas I gave you we can we you know, you can think of others reciprocity. In the preparatory stage. If you can give anything that is perceived as of value, gift, even, like education, a lot of times subconsciously. And this is you can read a book on Amazon Cal Dini, the power of influence, he talks about this reciprocity. If you give somebody something that they see a value, they’re going to subconsciously feel like they’re obligated to pay you back. This has been proven. So now what can you give, I don’t know, you might be able to give them some gifts. Like even if you don’t get a deal. I’ve seen people mail them, like on Send Out Cards, you can literally send them a thank you card in a cookie, you know, and then it will mail it. So all done for you. takes like a few minutes, you’re gonna have your assistant do it. And I’ve seen people recover the loss or loss sales, especially if this is a higher ticket item, they’ll mail the card. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you to get to know you. And I just want to show you how much I appreciate your valuable time I included a little brownie. I hope you enjoy it. Take care, Bob. Guess what, sometimes Bob will call back. Not sometimes a lot of times. So think of some reciprocity. This presentation is perceived by a lot of people’s press reciprocity because they perceive it as I’m not holding anything back. I give the best information, I hold nothing back with no expectation. And a lot of times you’ll see a month later a week later a day later, people go to my LinkedIn or to send me an email and say, Dan, do you know can we speak and I’ll end up getting hired. You know, and And I didn’t give a brownie or card. You know, I think the only thing I can think of is, you know, I gave everything for your time, I didn’t hold anything back, as hopefully you will see. The other thing that’s extremely, extremely important is to build some type of scarcity, if you can. Now, let me give you an example, the first time I saw eBay in my life, go bid on something, I’d be shocked. Say, for example, it’s $100, that thing would sell for 150. This is before there was a Buy Now button. People will get crazy. But because they believed in the scarcity, there was one item, there was an end date, they were required to take immediate action. And they were just go crazy. So the question is, how can you build scarcity in your sales funnel? Now what you’re trying to accomplish is, if you don’t do this, often, the response that you’re going to get is I will get back to you. Well, that means never. And so some type of a limited quantity and date, but it must be true. Okay, it must be true. Now, the way I’ve done it, when I used to sell websites and software and other in well, those things, let’s use that example, since we use that already. When I get to the proposal page, even though I built it into the story, now I get to drive it home. So what I would say is, Bob,

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