How To Make A Great Offer 101

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Dan Slobodan
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Dan Slobodan
Alright, everybody ready to give it a few minutes. Alright, there’s Royce. Welcome Royce. We’re going to give it a few minutes and then we’ll start and I’ll be you can unmute yourself Royce later if you want to ask questions, okay?

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Not even a microphone. Alright. Not a problem. And when we do the questions and answers, if you guys have a microphone, you can unmute it and then ask the questions there’s a chat at the bottom, and I will check that at the end and answer every question that we have. I’m gonna give it a one or two more minutes and then I’m gonna start.
Grab a drink, I think I got twenty slides roughly it’s a lot of good tip and I think here’s a little bit for everybody to either construct an offer or to improve your offer and a lot of this stuff I had cut.
Some reason I was muted. That’s funny. Okay.
Alright, one more minute and we’re going to start.
Oh, I see, I got Scott type in a message I can’t seem to find the audio you have to like give it permission on the browser. If it doesn’t work, just copy and paste that link into Chrome, brave opera I’m not sure if it works and I forgot the testing and Firefox. Oh, there you go. I see your microphone. Can you hear me Scott? Okay, I’m gonna mute you and then later you can just unmute yourself Scott when out we’ll get it in, okay. I’m gonna go ahead and switch over to the screen and I’m going to start. So, thank you guys for attending and give me one second. Here’s the first time I’m using this platform share. Let’s go to the. Alright, perfect.

Scott Hulderson
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Dan Slobodan
Let me present SlideShare share. Here we go. Okay, it’s going to go back can you guys see how to make an offer 101 just type it in the chat and then we’ll start.
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Alright, I’ll take you on dray Andre. Alright, here we go. Here. We already buddy. Hi, my name is Dan, swap it in. You can find me on LinkedIn. There’s two dance slope of Dan. So the one on stage and what we’re gonna cover is how to make an offer. This is a basic entry level 101. However I think even if you have great offers that are really functioning I think you’ll pick up some ideas. Now what basically we’re trying to do is to avoid selling the commodity where you just competing on price but constructing really great offer that are good. Detach you divorce you from being a commodity price driven, you know, race to the bottom kind of seller.

Caesar Sandoval
Really. What it?

Dan Slobodan
So that’s really the goal of this meeting.

Caesar Sandoval
I was trying to get an app for forty minutes. I’m like, well you’re back and they’re like twenty minutes on the account.

Dan Slobodan
Your commute as people come in I didn’t figure out how to auto auto mute them. Welcome Cesar. Alright, so that’s the goal of the meeting and the training and then we’re gonna have a, basically, here’s what we’re going to cover, so cover standard offers how they constructed, how to improve your offers. If you already have it and then what makes your prospect actually take action. I’ve seen over the last ten years, a lot of times people will construct an offer but no one takes action, so there’s a lot of these little triggers they were going to talk about that you can implement that trigger and it might take an offer where the prospect is not taking action for you where he does take action for you. And that’s what we’re going to focus on.
Also, I will have a question and answer session at the end this is being recorded as far as I understand. So at the end, if the recording comes through, I will post it on a monthly mastermind dot org. And anyway if you don’t get it and you want the recording. Just email me at Dan or go to dance level down on LinkedIn, and I checked my messages. Pretty much every working day one, we’ll have the Q. And A., you can unmute yourself and talk to me or you can just type in and check if you don’t, if you have something like super a secret like you’re getting funding from a venture capital and you don’t, you’re not allowed to share because you have these non-disclosure you want me to sign an NDA and then ask, just email me or message me on LinkedIn.
NDA and then we can talk and okay am I qualified to teach up and doing a discount of sales funnels for over at least a 200 employers clients. And so on and I’ve done over a hundred really customized offers. I’m going to see in the last at least ten years. So hopefully I’m qualified the one thing I have very good at spelling grammar. I’ve been knocked out in the spelling be the first round every single year. So, if you find any spelling or grammar, just email message me so I can fix it for the next one. Alright, so let’s start with what is an offer. Give me one second, I’m gonna switch over periodically just to make sure I don’t see anything weird here. Nope. Okay we’re good. So, what is in offer.
So basically in offer is when you are asking for something like money and email, phone number, time, attention, anything like that, then you are making an offer to somebody and it’s an exchange for something, that’s what an offer now, what we don’t want to do is be a commodity. In other words, somebody you know could sell for example, KA, let’s use an example, like I have a Quito. Now I was looking for keto diet for a couple of years now. And I noticed when someone is just selling a diet plan and it’s just the diet.
A book for example, it’s go with the book, a Quito book for a diet that’s a perfect example, and then somebody would just sell a book, and it’s $8, that’s it, however, somebody will sell that same book but it also has like a group that you can join on Facebook and in the group you get support, you also get some quick start a cook book recipes and videos that are bundle, and then the whole thing is like, $49 well, that’s an offer. So when you bundle it with bonuses, then you stop being a commodity like the book itself, and you just driving down in price, and eventually you don’t make any money. But you’re selling that same book within an offer that’s a, that’s an offer, so and then I wanna give you an example here in a second.
Sorry, I had to mute another person. So I’m gonna anyway, yeah, I’m utilizing this it’s brand brand new and eventually I’m gonna figure out how to have people muted when they come in but I’m going to do that periodically. Anyway, I wanna give you this is how this is what helps me understand.
A lot of people are struggling they’ll put an offer it come, it might be as simple as he get on my mailing list or get my newsletter that’s an offer too. No we’re going to obviously talk about offers where you’re selling for money. But a simple one and then I was trying to like figure out, well they just assume if they have a free user or everybody’s gonna sign up, however over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people, they get zero people to sign up for a newsletter and I said, well, let me ask you this, if you offered one kilogram of gold for an email.
Would your sign up for a go up while everybody’s say yeah, we’ll go up. Of course but obviously gonna bankrupt for giving a, get away a kilogram of gold.
I don’t know how many thousands of dollars that is but I just trying to make an appointment. So what you gotta do is from just asking for an email exchange from nothing to a kilogram, how can you construct such a powerful offer that they will think it’s dumb not to give the email. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about. So, I wanna give you a lot of things that obviously you don’t have to give away kilogram goal but you can give a week things that are perceived the valuable, maybe not as much as kilogram, but the more valuable you, they perceive it the higher response rate you’ll have where they give you the email or the phone number or an appointment attention or money.
And that’s really what I want to go through in this training today. And then if you guys wanna talk one on one with your particular offer, I can help you that’s gonna be at the end. But I think you’ll get some ideas here. No, the first one I noticed over the years we are not very clear.
On what the offer is and any confusion in the offer is basically confused. The prospect does not take action and they specifically do not pull out a credit card. I guarantee you that it cannot have any confusion whatsoever. So you have to construct you offer that is 100 percent clerk. Crystal clear, they need to understand what it is, okay. So be extremely clear and be extremely specific, okay. So, try to think the best way to test it is you can always go on, on the sites like Upwork you know pay somebody $2,030 and then get on a, on the soon a meeting and have them go through the offer for you. And then just you know higher than two basic be like a mystery shopper and explain how they proceed because the way you might see a clear but they don’t.
And you know, I’ve had a lot of clients over the years and actually wanna give you some stories about that in a minute on the competitors. When we talk about their offer but they’ve discovered problems by just doing this simple strategy of hiring mystery shoppers and going through the offer. And then eventually we see what’s not the clarity cause it’s clear to you, the owner but it’s not clear to John do regular guy and that’s what you want, you know Jane do regular a lady. They need to be clear on it. That’s really what’s important now. Here’s another thing, that’s extremely, extremely important, I’ll give you an example, you know, people will hire me to fix the offer and then what I, what I discover really is they haven’t handled any objection.
So, before the person gets to the offer, if you can somehow either in the video sales letter the text or single friend add to a landing page you’ll see you know, some text they might see testimonials and so on. You got to kill the as many objections as you can before they get to the offer. So, what do I mean by that? Well what I mean is basically for example you’re gonna have to discover what the objections are and the way you’re going to do that is you’re gonna have one on one meetings or you have like a zoom or group you know some way shape, or form you need to get to talk to the people directly. So you can then when you pitch the offer you can hear what the problem is so you need to get an idea now what our objections some common ones will give you, well let me think about it.
We talked to my wife or I don’t have enough money or this is, you know, it’s not, I’m not sure if it’s for me. So those are like a object and then for every objection you can rebuttal it, you know. So you want to prepare all those rebuttal and everything and then you want to or come down with as many stories as you possibly can. If you have a presentation or if you have ten or whatever, so if they for example, if your common objection is.
Is the price?
Then that means you haven’t really build up the value so, you need to then, before they get to do, you offer kind of, build up the value of it. So now when you present you offer the price is not going to be an objection, you know the review, kill that objection in the preparatory phase of the offer.
And that might require changing the sales funnel a little bit. So, either you have some kind of a video that tells a couple of stories it’s going to kill the most common objections or a lot of times you can do it on a landing page of the website or if you’re doing the offer in person before you get to pitch the offer, try to engage a little bit tell the story because you already know the price is going to be a factor or if it’s like partners they need to think about, you need to then overcome that and then that there’s rebuttals for every problem there’s bottles on them and we can talk about if you have a common objection in Q. and A. let me know or if you’re watching this video on the, on the website or YouTube later just type down in the comments and then I’ll give you some examples, bottles for most common. I’ve probably developed about, I’m gonna say at least 25 over the years. So I know the common one probably might be something new.
So, I would love to hear what is the common objection that you have for your offer that you need help or rebuttal, so it’s not a problem. And even developing a story, the more stories you have people listen to stories, and then you can overcome no, yeah, here’s, this is actually, I’m gonna say the biggest thing that I see, I’m gonna see ninety percent of business owners or sales people don’t do and dad is, you need to be on top. At least the three of the biggest competitors who are selling the same thing that you are and then you want to find out exactly what their offer is now.
I worked with a client.
And he was selling insurance he consistently were higher. What do you call the mystery shopper and they’ll go through the whole thing to get a quote and then that whole process has to be documented because he didn’t want that the competitor come up with some idea that he’s not aware or some kind of a bonus or some kind of a discount anything that’s gonna make him not competitive with his offer. So, you wanted his offer to be the best in the marketplace and he was consistently a spy.
Now maybe those actually the word for the last few years is they don’t call it spy. They should call that competitive intelligence. So, I think competitive intelligence must be at least a quarterly thing that you’re going to do. So that means every three months spend a little bit of time now if you cannot do it yourself and it needs to be in secret. What you can do is hire people make a sign a non-disclosure and then have them go and go through the whole sales funnel and of your competitor and have a document that just to see what you’re coming up with. So you don’t get left behind especially if your numbers go down in sales then you need to see why are your competitors taking that sale away from you and also this will give you an idea. This is the easiest way to discover some kind of an incredible trigger that your competitors using that you’re not, and that you can now overcome and really improve your offer.
No, I’ll tell you the number one thing.
That people want for most of is results, okay, no, the words, if they’re looking to solve a problem they want to resolve, if they’re looking for a benefit, they want the results and sometimes you cannot offer result because in some countries they have laws against it like an investing and I’ve even heard of some country you cannot guarantee a result. So you have to be careful with that but if it’s, if you can offer a result in guarantee results that will make your offer incredibly powerful. Now, I’ve never, I have bought a weight loss programs over the years, I’ve struggled it with it for ten years at some point I would like to or almost £300. And.
I think I failed and a dozen weight loss programs. I’ve actually never seen anybody guarantee result. I don’t even know if that’s legal but I’ll tell you this if I saw one, I jump on it cause that would make that program the most competitive and will be the best offer. And I looked for that just so you know so I know offering results or the closest you can get on your offer to offer a result that’s gonna make you incredibly powerful.
Alright, so now the other thing is you want that offer to be somehow special. Okay, now, when explain what I mean by that so there’s got to be a reason people don’t do it, you might not believe you if you give them an offer and there’s nothing special about it, they might not believe because what you want to avoid is that they can come back next week and then this will be available. So what is the reason I’ll give you an example. If you do say a webinar like this one or live event that’s already special so at the end, if you have an offer and they know it’s connected to this Cvent and it’s limited and it’s special because it’s an event, okay. I’ve worked with hundreds of people who used to do seminars, cause I used to seminars myself still up to about two years ago and goal over the country and do these events but I’ve actually worked and set up.
A lot of the presentations or the websites or you know the script or the databases or lot of stuff the copy or a hundreds of people who did seminars over the years and I don’t think we’ve ever, ever ever created a seminar where we didn’t tie you offer to Daddy’s vent and that made it special. I’m not saying you might not have any events but I wanna to give you an idea. However a lot of people work is they have a book are they working on you can always tie incredible offers to that book that makes it special then you know there’s important day throughout the year on those unfortunately.
Losing value cause everybody’s using but that doesn’t mean they won’t give you a bump in sale. So you can tie that offer to some, some type of a day example is Black Friday but there’s many others and then finally and you can probably think of more reasons. I just wanted to give you a few here to get you started however I think the one that was very powerful that we all use it is for example my clients a lot of times they’ll get invited to the Chamber of Commerce or like, an association you know, mortgage broker association, realtor association and then they get to do a webinar or a live event.
Well, then because it’s with that group, that offer was tied in to the Chamber of Commerce of Detroit. It was tied into that need a special because it was only for them and it wasn’t for everybody else. You know. If you belong to some online forum and they let you pitch a product or service then you can tie that offer to the forum. You know. So, think of some type of a group. You know, a lot of people belong to a lot of groups. There’s groups on LinkedIn. Now, I don’t know if you get a chance to offer anything through any group effort but if you do think that is an opportunity to specialize your offer to them, that makes it way more powerful. Okay, and the other thing is now this one apply to every offer. If you put an offer on Amazon.
You know, there’s no one’s gonna know what kind of person you are. So this one ply. But a lot of times if you have a video sales letter, if you’re going through a webinar, a lot of times your personality will come through you need to be like, hey, otherwise it will kill your offer. So if you have interaction and you are part of delivering this offer you must be like, couple. Okay. I hate to say this but a lot of people are not and I’ve seen that killed the offer. The other thing that you must do is people in generally are risk adverse, you’d be shocked but like when I get hired by business owners.
I notice and even ones that are like millionaires you know, they’re making tons of money that they’re very fantastic. They literally put so much energy to make sure if they pay me $5,000 that there’s no risk that they’re not going to get more than $5,000 back. So people are extremely risk adverse. I’m gonna say an eighty percent of all the interactions I’ve had and I’ve seen cause I’ve monitored calls and I’ve monitored presentation for people that are hiring me over the years and I’ve seen the exact same thing matter what your offer during the.
Offer phase or rebuttals is the risk. So what you wanna do again is you want to prep before they get to the offer you wanna kill is much of risk is cumin be possible. Now let me give you some ideas, you wanna make like a bulletproof guarantee. So obviously, money back guarantee and a lot of times if you’re delivering the software over the internet, it’s almost expected. I don’t even think you can get an offer through without the money back guarantee. However, I’ve seen a couple of people do it so.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s not impossible. I just wanna tell you that this is an expectation with the majority of the public. The other thing in his in idea is maybe if it’s a physical product where you can exchange it because sometimes you just cannot do a money-back guarantee but you can exchange your product. I’ve seen people do that successfully. So when I’m going to mention it the I’ve seen people give a lifetime guarantees for a product for service I have a few myself cause that was building up a solar system in my, in my van. So I got a few products where they gave me a lifetime guarantee believe it or not and that made me pick that product over the other product. Yeah, also received were didn’t give me a lifetime guarantee but they’re guaranteed they will fix the problem in the future.
So I picked that product over another product I’ve never, I’ve never bought this but I’ve actually seen a P. some of my other clients offer like where if you just consider them and it doesn’t workout under specific conditions so they give some conditions they’re not only able to give you the money back. Say you invested a $1,000, they’ll give you a double that money back. However you got to, you gotta have such an incredible offer that has such a low rate to make this work but that might bump your conversion rate incredibly. Say you go from twelve percent to 24 you got to know your numbers and you got to be in it for years before you think of something like this but I’ve seen a few people pull this off and get an incredibly increase on the offer conversion and.
Anyway. Oh, yeah, when I give you my example, what I just started doing a couple of months ago so I started offering this and it’s working really, really, really well increase my conversion rates. I do consulting and I sent sometimes the people are hesitant and I use this actually the last last resort but I’ve literally use this in my offer where I overcome and I actually tested it in the pre, pre offer stage where I built this in.
Before I actually make the offer. I already overcome this and then I’m even have to do it afterwards is a rebuttal so what I did is they’ll come up and say we talk about you know, $5,000 to build a, a sales funnel click funnels that’s going to have the script all this stuff.
And then I divided like on a weekly payments. Say it was like $800 a week or whatever the number is. But I usually break it up cause nobody wants to pay in advance so, I do it that way and have this like weekly amount. Now what I’ve done, so this is, this is something you, I haven’t seen anybody do it, but I’ll say, you know, I wanna start working every Friday, I deliver you what’s done.
And if you don’t like it or anything, not only will you not pay but I won’t even send the invoice but this is something you, I’ve been testing it less than two months now it’s working incredibly and since Rudy increase my conversion rate because I work from home now and I don’t go through any seminars or whatever. So I need to, you know, get work. So after I finished the job, you know, I need to find someone else to get a new job. So I’ve been doing this it might not work for you but I risk one week but I really do a good job so far. Just so you know, I’ve had a seven maybe roughly people pick this, not one has not paid me now, I do a good job that’s why offered it because I.
I make sure that I can deliver. So, if you feel like you’re gonna have a low turn rate maybe this is something that can really increase your conversion for the offer. So, anyway, I just wanna throw these things out to give you ideas I’ll be, she can expand on everything. Give me a second here.
It’s going to take a drink real quick.
Okay. So reciprocity this is a trigger is what they call it. If you can somehow built up some type of a value free a den people subconscious will feel obligated to somehow pay you back. No, this is, this is really a hard to understand but a lot of times if you.
I’m just give them greatest face and, and really don’t hold back on anything so, especially you do, you know, YouTube videos, webinar zoom. And so on. You can utilize this people. They’ll do a presentation and it’s just sales pitch from the beginning to the end. Well, a lot of people then don’t feel like you gave anything, but if you give everything and really don’t hold back. This reciprocity will kick in. So, try to think of what is it that you can give to them where they’re gonna feel that there’s this reciprocity trigger, so, I don’t know what it can be for you, but think of something that you can actually gives.
That will be of value and maybe this will be some type of, you know, coffee to Starbucks. You know, people tried all kinds of things. So the higher, the value deal that you’re asking for. So, if it’s a high ticket item maybe, you know, if this goes on before the offer for a couple of weeks you’re getting to know them. There’s emailing back and forth and say, hey, I just like to buy coffee you know, when you send them a coffee, well, that’s something that will help you know, close the off later. So, think of something what is it that you can give that. Obviously, it’s not too expensive for you, that’s easy and it, and it doesn’t look like you’re driving then, that’s the other thing. But I.
Almost try to get everybody at work for the last ten years to utilize this rest of the property. If humanly possible again if you’re on Amazon and just listed there you can’t do that. But think of it if you can, what is it that you can give to trigger this reciprocity.
Alright, scarcity. Now I’m gonna say this is one of the most important things that you got to build into your all. Now I wanted to understand it think of eBay when you based started I think one of the greatest things that they have, they didn’t have that by now, years ago when they started you would bid and I have seen and I’m not line at least a hundred times I’ve seen people overbill on the on the item because I see they believe it’s only say it’s Friday at 4:00 PM and then the eBay auction ends.
And people desperately wanted something. I’ve seen the price quote fifty percent above and it’s happening over and over again. Well, why is that first I believe that’s over, you know, there was a scarcity. It was believable there’s a third party, it wasn’t fake. So you got to be open up that profile scarcity because if there’s like, let me think about it. Well that really means never all get back to you, they never will get back life gets in the way it’s not like they’re lying or anything it’s just we’re still distracted. So you got to have the ability to have an end and to have a scarce, so people you wanted to take action, give you one more example and then when you have a hot real estate market I have a friend in California and they have inherited a house from the mother passed away.
And they listed it for one point one million and people were just throwing offers and somebody a paid $1.3200000 over the asking price.
Cause they believe it there was like, there was an end date tour in the house was being sold. There were other people bidding. They knew that they saw, they saw, you know, there was a scarcity in the market. They knew that because it was the only have for sale and the few blocks, there was not any other house for sale. No, obviously we’re not selling house today. I want to tell you the scarcity and end of time those are very important and it triggers something subconsciously to take action.
So the question is what can you do it? How can you do it? Is believable and you can’t lie, you know, somehow people know. So, I think of how to construct scarcity legitimately honestly, how can it be done now? You might let me try to think for a second, how I’ll give you, I’ll give you an example here when I used to sell websites. So, we had like a template in website that we used to sell to real estate professionals. It was like $800 roughly will defer prices and then, that will be it. However people would come. I had a website I sold the most favorite sold was for $20,000 as a customize web.
Well, not to get them to close and I wasn’t lying was true. I made an offer and then I said this is contingent that right now I have the graphic designers will need in the developers who can deliver and everything. However they are available today and I need an answer by tomorrow.
You’re going to get an employee on one or multiple projects. So if I get, you know, they’re going to have to be put off this amount of bandwidth has to be delivered to you. So I’m not lying, I created scarcity, based on the bandwidth, Dan understood it, they believe that it was true. So I’m trying to think is how can you create scarcity? It’s not a lie. Cause I see so many lies and, and what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna lose your credibility, a lot of people are not going to buy but if they see that you’re lying, you know, they’re not gonna buy from you later, you know, they’re gonna volume. So, if they didn’t accept this website and they came back six months later, they, Noah wasn’t lying with that scarcity and they’re probably the first questions when it come back. Say, okay, we weren’t ready Dan, but we’re ready now for that website.
Or they might be ready for like a landing page or a funnel or do you have availability will probably be the first question they said well let me check. So that’s what, that’s what I think he needs to do.
Alright. So, the other thing that subconscious is social proof, a lot of times people do not want to be the first to take, take the offer. You know, for some reason if ten other people have taken advantage of this offer and the lesson person feels a lot more comfortable this is some type of a subconscious trigger. So.
How can you create some type of social proof again stories. So, the preparatory offer phase is where you’re going to handle this in advance. So when you get to the offer they either heard a story of people who are very happy. Maybe you show the testimonial, maybe the sop, some testimonials, you know that you put on the, on the website page you told them a story of how you did this. If it’s something that you talk you do a presentation one on one or two a group. You told some stories of how you help people. Then they know other people have done this. So you want to see if you can build them some social proof in this. That’s really gonna help you dramatically with the offer.
So, think of how can you tell that others have gone through the offer and they were happy? Okay, so that’s gonna be important and if it’s your first time and you have no, what I would recommend is give some away in exchange so it has to, you make a deal it listen, I’m gonna sign you up either and maybe you can give it away, this is expensive then give them some type of discount but make it clear that you’re expecting a testimonial now, if you need to get to some audio in your products. The other thing is I would say, develop a procedure and you can probably tied to sin, if you have a listing on a Google maps. You know, where they have the feedback or on these other sites.
After someone tells you that they’re happy, have you or your staff send the link and say, what would you mind just sharing your feedback once it’s positive you don’t want them to put a one star review on line. So make it a procedure that you just send them a link, make it easy and then if you do that, you’re going to increase the amount of five star reviews cause that’s becoming a bigger factor too. And the other thing is, what a lot of people in the city offer a pregnant Google you and if they see more five star reviews that makes a big difference. By the way, I’m gonna say for me, I have a Google.
The person and then I see more five star reviews and good written reviews. I’ve gone with them over the other one. So social proof is important in the pre offer segment or when you actually make the offer slip it in there and maybe nothing because they might not believe you. So make sure it’s on line. And if it’s not start working on Austin people will say, oh, Dan that was great or you know a Bob one of my customers and then I say well Bob, how come I don’t see any a five star reviews.
Man, well no one goes on their own. So, you’re going to have to kind of send them the link. Make it easy to click on it leave a little bit of review and, and that’s it. You can automate that you know, down the road. If you want I’ll show you some tools that you can plug in and it’ll take care of that for you. We’ll text to text them the link or they click on it. Usually on the phone or log into Google. Boom boom they put it in and you’re done you know, but you got to kind of initiate it. Then the other thing is believe it after some studies you can watch this, it’s kinda disturbing but a lot of times people.
People will take action when it’s somebody who has a story versus somebody has no authority. Now. What do you mean by that?
What I mean is, for example say.
You know someone in a uniform lab coat, it’s more likely to get the person to take the at the desired action and nobody north forty. So you got to somehow establish yourself as an authority first, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the celebrating this is just a fact that your offer will have a higher conversion rate. What make somebody, and it’s already well like, if you have some kind of a certification of title, a license now a lot of times you don’t need that. Okay, how I have also seen people built a thirty by just simply publishing a book. So during that pre offer phase you know, you mentioned that your, you know, your best selling author. If that’s the case or you mentioned that you did some seminars. I, if you saw the slide that I just did I said you know, that’d be teaching for ten years. That makes me a little bit of a story it doesn’t have to be a lot if you just.
I’ll tell you what the biggest most believable way to Nicky knows forty and fifteen minutes and that is to simply teach and describe the problem that your prospect has better than they understand it. I’ve made sales literally when I went through and I have explained a particular issue where there was struggling. But after I explained it they have crystal clarity they would instantly hire me instantly.
I literally Denby had more authority the moment because I was able to demonstrate. Yeah, I understand. So I didn’t need any certification, any title, any license. And so, you know, on some particular interest, like, if you’re a dentist will obviously, you need a license, you know, so you’re selling some expensive $40,000 procedure, you better have a life and you’re still gonna have to sell. They’ll go between three densest. So dentist have to sell, believe it or not they need to have a good offer. So, those are some of the things there’s other ways to solve the shift already. But I think this will probably get you started if you haven’t done that yet. And then also the other thing that I’ve seen people have incredibly difficult way to pay. So, if this, if this offer is a money offer, you know, your offer something but you make them create an account.
Then they need to go get a check and then mail it or do a wire transfer. And so on you got a, you know Austin this will break the whole thing. So the easier it can be the better it is so, a lot of times like a PayPal you can set up like a one click if they have an account the easier you can make this better. The least information, the least data.
You wanna think about that because there’s no, this is getting you do you need your because there’s all these platforms that you can plug in that literally, just click, you know, put the credit card done or if it’s like Zelh, it’s like click pretty much and you get the money and I’ve had a couple of clients. They do this digital cryptocurrency kind of things. Those are even easier. Literally phone scan, press and then the Bitcoin goes.
I’ve seen it super easy but that’s like for the new generation. But easy that’s the thing, again, that’s another one where you might wanna hire a couple of people to go through and see how difficult it is to pay, and then you know, have them pay, give them all the money in advance lost a fee for doing it and maybe have them record the whole process and have them narrate how difficult your easy it was okay, so very important, make it easy and then define the buying process is very emotion.
It’s not logical for.
Most of them but you know you might have something where it’s not, again this might not apply for a commodity. So like the weight loss example that I was giving you a Tito, I was very emotional, always it is horrible, you know, you get big and your shortness of breath passing out, you know it’s and it was very emotional for me and I was buying this program spending money. So I buy with emotion then I tried to justify later with a fax but you know you want to tell stories of how it’s going to be. You know once you lose your way or how it’s going to be once they accomplish what is it is your product or service does and try to ping the emotional picture. So again that’s one of those videos or tax that kinda try to write it more emotionally versus like in in fax the fax will justify but the emotion will sell.
Paint is much of an emotional a picture as you can and we’re going to that the offer needs to be targeted. In other words, what that means is, the more it’s targeted to the individual, the more that they’re going to buy. So be specific now I’ll give you an example.
I have seen offers like, for example, like a, it’s just for pregnant women, and you know, this is how to get back to the way cause that’s when I was looking for wait. I got to see all kinds of programs, but I remember seeing it just specifically for pregnant women, well, to get your way back to where it was before you are pregnant. I’ve actually, so I’m thinking that’s got to work for nominally, so Tarah, so, the more you can do that, the better it might require that you have different types of offers but, and what you can do is you can have a general offer but then when someone comes in and say to fill out a form on your website, they ask something and say dimension something specific or maybe you have some in the back targeted offers or you can customize the offer. Just for him, when I used to sell.
Customize the websites landing pages, and so on. I would park at the offer very very specific to them. It was it, that’s how it was set up. So try to think is how can you target this offer to make it a suit.
And that’s gonna be at, there’s a lot more to this by the way, I prepared this last week and this week because I’m actually writing a couple of Kindle E. books. So this is part of the books chapters if you can think of something that.
I haven’t covered that, you think would be valuable or you need help on I’m on LinkedIn. If you type in Dan Sloboda. And there’s two of us on the guidance stage connect with me and message me or you can email me Dan or go to the website, there’s a contact form. You will fill it out, it’ll come to me and I would love to, you know, get your questions after the event or when you watch the video however, for those of you who are like, I’m gonna switch over and see if there’s any questions. So, thank you very much and we have a few people still here. Good. I’m going to go figure out how this chat works. So, here we go. I’m gonna first read the text one and then if you wanna talk, you can unmute yourself or I will unmute you. And then we’ll chat. So I have 123456 people here. Alright, let’s go here Scott.
To college has been changing a lot since the pandemic started our evolution as we become less comfy. I think they measure their wins by how much they got for free to the needles have been moving and people’s behavior. Okay, well I agree, I’ll type of scarcity. Slight. Thank you Scott. Yeah, I got to fix all the titles if you guys see it let me know and I’m going to hire an editor leader for the book. Can you talk to these links in the chat box? Absolutely I’m actually gonna send this a PowerPoint to everybody. I’ll have it on Monday and monthly mastermind there’ll be a video link to the YouTube or every link and then all the notes will be in there.
I would appreciate the slides as well. Yup, I’ll have it Andrea and then go ahead and just type in, if anybody wants to chat a little bit. I would just love to hear at least one person, cause I wanna see if this Dialpad works cause I want to use this instead of zoom for my one on one. So anybody brave out of the people who are here, who wants to chat for a few minutes.
And then will be great if you guys can click see if you can unmute yourself. I’m just curious and then we’ll end. Thank.

Scott Hulderson
Hello, Dan.

Dan Slobodan
Hey, Scott, how you doing? Thank you for spotting the title.

Scott Hulderson
Fantastic, absolutely, no problem. I thought I just I heard that you mentioned you know, that you were just going through this and developing that. They were looking you know for any of the feedback I, it was the only or that I saw, so.

Dan Slobodan
Oh, thank you, thank you and actually thank you for being brave to talk. Do you find this easier than zoom this Dialpad system.

Scott Hulderson
I, this is actually the first time I’ve used it. I normally we use zoom and my day to day because it allows me like I don’t even use, I guess, I don’t use a formal calendar as much anymore. I mean I still the paper calendar that I write things on for forecasting, right? But with zoom I’m able to just put my client, it, my clients don’t worry about me unless they’ve not heard from me. So I’ve put them on my schedule when they have, when they know that they’re going to talk to me today at three and then at 4:45. Like when they know when to hear from me they don’t have any anxiety. So, I’m not sure if this Dialpad system allows you to organize the calendar the same way.

Dan Slobodan

Scott Hulderson
Yeah, soon does but I use it as a tool that way from my own visual management. I tried to look at my different radar screen be you know in email on my, how I visually manage my clients through the process you know from cradle to grave and that follow up where we get, you know the testimonial. If you will, I apologize for bringing psychology into this. I would just say that the science of selling has changed because people have change and even if, even if you know they know you can help with our problem a lot of people say that they want to go with, you know, alone go on their own. I think they’re cash strap, right? And they’re on certain but what I’d say.

Dan Slobodan

Scott Hulderson
You know, I, you should hire specialist. I, I’ve, over the summer I tore the roof of my garage, it’s a three car garage, I thought I’d save a ton of money and when I had the people you know, when I had the people come out and quoted I asked how much money that I say by doing that by myself with my surgically repaired risk and they’re like, maybe, about $500, right? Cause I’ve got a team of people, they do that all the time. You didn’t, you’re one person, you’re not a specialist, you’re one person, you’re not a team.

Dan Slobodan
That’s perfect.

Scott Hulderson

Dan Slobodan
So I’ll tell you what and that’s actually excellent, Scott. So, I used to. So I sold 1200 websites in about five years and I would always tell a story of the person who was building his website for three years, and I told them how that free website, how expensive it is, which is all true, you know. So, maybe, you know, with, with you is tell them a little story if they go by themselves for free, how cheap it is what the once they realize sometimes they’ll say, okay, well I better pay $5,000 that’s cheaper to have that special.

Scott Hulderson
Oh, oh, yeah. Well, I just the way I, the way I frame it is the cost of doing nothing always cost more than hiring me, when I, when I have my sales proposition and proposition of value I show like, you know, cost of doing nothing is what you’re hemorrhaging right now. The cost of hiring me with known validated and certified tools and processes, and the science to solve this is gonna cost of that.

Dan Slobodan
Totally agree that, yeah, totally agree and, and this is all learning for all of us is, is building up a, not forgetting like if I do a one on one with somebody I tried to tell a few of these stories in the conversation then, then it won’t come up as an objection on the road. So that is excellent. Thank you and I have, if you don’t mind Scott Andre asked me a question. Let’s see Andre do you want to chat?
Can you hear me?
Okay, the microphone doesn’t work. So, I’m gonna just read Andres question. How do you go about emotions? In a B2B context? And it’s always a, it’s a matter of human to human. Okay, good question I actually most of my customers are business owners so it’s a B2B but at some point, there’s always going to be a human who pulls the trigger and sometimes it’s multiple people and sometimes I’ve actually work a couple of non-profit there’s like a board, the more people in the business that have to pull the trigger. The more difficult it is but I really believe that there is emotion involved.
Even for like a B2B I don’t know exactly maybe, down the road if you want Andre contact me we can do a little one on one so I can kind of specifically see what you offer and B2B and maybe I can come something come up with something more specific for you. Let me see anybody else want to chat if not we’ll end this.
Jelen Yellen. Thank you for the information, many practical tips for me to use. You’re welcome Allen, can you talk to you later? Oh, yeah, okay, so, we will have the link for you guys on Monday, and anybody else wants to chat. Go ahead, otherwise, I’m ending yes, go ahead.

Hey Dan, I have a quick question. I, I’m a content marketer and copywriter and kinda tough I’ve done it before but I’d like to try it again or offering obviously three free emails would be easy, but I write more content like blog posts and things. Do you have any ideas for that?

Dan Slobodan
Okay. Alright. So you’re a copywriter and like you do on the swimming like a long-term sales letters, video sales letter scripts, stuff like that. Would that be correct or just the email or.

Yeah, well, I’d be mostly shorter articles and blog posts, I mean that’s what I’ve done. Yes, we’ve done done long sales letters as well.

Dan Slobodan
Okay. So, let me ask you this, do you do pickup clients from like in intermediate broker sites like Upwork, or you directly get customers? How does it work in general? What’s the most common way you get client?

Most common is I’d find a business and you know usually I wish I have a net should be a whole lot easier for me if I just for plumbers, but I really don’t right now. I’m more of a general. So it’s you know it’s really hit and miss, and that’s what I’m trying to get away.

Dan Slobodan
Okay. Okay, great. So let me give you a couple of things. I have worked with a few copywriters over the years and what I discovered is if you can somehow get them to come to you.
I have seen the prices golf panics I’ve seen a good tenants so let me give you an example what I mean Royce it’s right.


Dan Slobodan
Okay. So let’s pretend that you do a little presentation. So right now you have those LinkedIn events by the way, discovered that six months ago and let’s say you’re gonna go through how to improve your copy and then you got the tips, you know, the headlines, then you have, you know, the text clarity, like all the stuff that you specialize in. So you’re going to go teach a little bit of copywriting and then your call to action is the Calendly. Let’s just pretend I’m not sure what system you’re using. They book a 1:00 one what you’ve done then is you first establish yourself as the experts.
You almost presold yourself cause he’ll give you a chance to throw in some of the story. So having a bad credit copywriter how expensive that is.
So you go through these things you kinda throw it in as you’re teaching you know, and now so you only get three appointments. So what’s gonna happen is you’re already pre sold anybody who signs up for a one on one with you afterwards after that event.
Your golden now you, because you’re already going to businesses one on one. The other thing you can do is set up that event.
And then in your email that you’re sending invite them to the event and then tell them you’re getting these bonuses and.
And then, maybe it’s one of the bonuses. Like, we’re doing this little Q. and A. you can do, you know, free evaluation of your articles, you know, somebody can just tend to share screen or ask them what the website is and then review, review a few of them that will.
Will show and prove that you’re a good copywriter. And they’ll believe you. So those are some of the things I’ve seen copywriters do. The other thing is you can go to sites like Cora and I’ve seen a couple of copywriters where they’ll just go share tips and then at the end on your profile link on Cora dot com and this is a site where people get their questions answered, they will literally then book an appointment with the person. So, those are just a few. I can think a little more Royce if you want you know, message me on LinkedIn or in my email, on the feedback form and will me and you will do a little one on one. I, once I have a little time before the appointment I can think through of all the stuff other copywriters have done and then I’ll write them down and then I’ll share but.

That’d be great, thank you.

Dan Slobodan
Okay, absolutely, absolutely. Let me see if there’s anything else your specifics on LinkedIn. Let me show you guys where my LinkedIn is real quick, so if you can see the screen, so my LinkedIn is, if you type in Dan slovo down in here, I think there’s only two of us and then just connect with me and I get, I check all the messages every other day. So, let me go back to anyway, you, were you guys able to see that?
And I think we’re, I think that’s it. Oh good, thank you. Alright, anybody else want to chat or we’re good.
Alright, I think we’re good. I wanna think you guys helped me a lot. I’m actually writing this it’s going to be an Amazon some point and I will have another but this helps me kinda formulate to make sure that I’ve covered at least the basics and thank you for your time about that more than anything and I’ll have this on, on the video I’ll take out anything that’s inappropriate and we’ll have it on Monday morning on monkey mastermind dot org and I’ll put it on my desktop on LinkedIn and then you guys can download it, have the PowerPoint on, have every link and every note and I’ll put a link to the where you can actually for if you want to talk to me one on one it’s free on average is 45 minutes.
Does the thing that me and you can do is I can look at your site. I can look at your sales funnel and everything. Alright, take care everybody. Thank you for your time and I’ll have this next week as well on a different topic. Alright, bye, thank you.

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