Recording of the Live LinkedIn Event – Sales Funnel 101

This is the recording of the live LinkedIn event held on Thursday 21st of April 2022. Below is the transcript of the event:

All right, welcome, everybody, since we’re gonna basically go over sales funnels the basics, I’ve been doing sales funnels for a while. And next week, we’re going to switch the topic to auto responders, because part of the sales funnel is, once you get enough people, you need to automate the follow up and everything. So I’m going to do a little more detailed on parts of the sales funnel. But this is going to be the high level picture of the sales funnel. And I’m just going to go through everything and then we’re going to have a q&a, I got a question in advance, I removed his name for privacy, Chris. And it’s basically the, you know, getting some people to the entrance of the sales funnel. So once I’ve gone through the basics, and explain everything on how the sales funnel is structured, which elements you need to have, so you can convert, I’m going to give you some examples of how to actually get traffic to it. So this is going to be a high level sales funnel in depth training. To get you started, if you put all these elements in place in play, it’s going to work also going to show you if you’re not technical how to do it, and how to do it efficiently without you know, breaking the bank and everything. Alright, so the one thing that one on one, you know, I go to a lot of these seminars, trainings, I read a lot of books, what I’ve learned over the last 10 years is very small improvements are going to give you really great results. And that’s really, if you can get one or two things that you can plug in that you can implement, it’s worth spending the time here with me. And I’m really going to try to deliver that because I value your time. And really what I’m also going to try to explain to you that through trial and error, I’ve kind of learned what makes your prospect the person who’s looking at, you know, any element of your sales funnel, it could be or social media posts, or could be your video could be your email that you send out, it could be anything, you know, what’s going to make them take action, because very, very few people take action. So I want to address that as well. And also, I’ll explain how to get the recording of this, there is a free bonus I came up with. And it’s going to be at the end of this training or the video if you’re watching this later after the event. And I’ll have this posted tomorrow. So to get the recording, there was a registration that LinkedIn did. And what I normally do is just email everybody or message everybody. So if you don’t get that write down my email is Dan at monthly Or you can message me on LinkedIn, I do check at least once a day. So you should get by the next working day. If you don’t get an answer from me with the recording. Just contact me again, but maybe got lost in the spam message on LinkedIn doesn’t get lost in spam. I answer every single one that is 100%. foolproof, and we’re gonna do q&a At the end. I want to start with that answer that for Chris, because he sent it that sent out yesterday, when I do the next event on auto responders, you and I do a lot of these. And I’ve actually I’m talking to a very big expert, published author. And hopefully she will be one of my first speakers, I’m planning to interview people. And then we can focus on having other experts kind of teach us and we can all mastermind and loop learn together. So if you are an expert watching this, and you want me to interview you, and then you can be the expert here or do your presentation, let me know I’m looking to kind of learn from, you know, me and everybody else. But anyway, the next one will be auto responders and just get on the list on monthly There’s alerts, put your name in there and start emailing people before next events. Actually, you know what I’m going to skip about me other than I’m not very good at spelling.

So I’m basically let’s, let’s start. The biggest thing to know with sales funnel, it is very complex, and it can get very, very complex. I’m going to try to simplify. What made it easy for me is I start with the end in mind. So I’m trying to figure out what is it that I’m trying to accomplish with my sales funnel. Now that might be a sale, you know, I might want to sell insurance, or I might want to just build a list. So there’s a sales funnel to build a list because we’re not people make money from just selling out their list. There’s this thing called solo ads, there’s people make millions of dollars just building a list and selling solo ads. So in that sales funnel, I’m trying to do get people on my list. It might be an appointment, that’s a sales funnel, get an appointment. I have tons of people I’ve worked with over the years. I send up their Click Funnels and it wasn’t to get the credit apart, it wants to get an appointment. And it is extremely, extremely hard to get an appointment sometimes Believe it or not. So that’s a sale, people giving your time it’s a sale, what is the end in mind, and then we can kind of reverse engineer and come up with a plan. Now, what I’ve learned is the more preparation that you can do to get to that end, the easier it’s going to be. Now what do I mean with preparation? People are going to have all kinds of objections. They’re either going to say, for example, I don’t have the money, if it’s a sales, if it’s a selling sales funnel, we’re getting the credit card. So you’re going to have to prepare those objections, you know, do I have money is this worth the money. So your story in the preparation that you’re going to be doing is to overcome all that. So I’m going to give you a couple of them. But then I’m going to dig deeper and try to explain that. So you’re going to have objections, you want to be likable. And that’s the part that you want to do in the preparation, the early stages of your sales funnel. You also, you know, you basically want to think of every problem, every objection, everything that people can have, and have that taken care of before you get to the sales closing. Because if you want to deal with it, then that’s the worst place to deal with it. But we’re gonna dive into all of those in a few minutes. The one thing that I discovered is, if you don’t know, and this is your first time, you’ve never built a sales funnel, what I actually discover is what’s called Sales Funnel Hacking. And actually, I’ve heard the Russell Brunson use that terminology, so credit to him. But I used to basically call it competitive intelligence is I would go in and look at what did the biggest competitors. And that’s the one thing is when people hire me, you know, to work for them. The very first thing I ask is score your three biggest competitors, and then I’ll go and look at their funnel. Now sometimes I can’t go do it, then we’ll try to have what’s called a mystery shopper, we’ll hire someone that will go through it in you know, record it so we can look at it. Now we’re not going to steal their sales funnel, we’re using that as inspiration to get a starting point, especially if you’re a total beginner. But even if you’re not, you want to make sure they don’t come up with some kind of incredible marketing magnet or incredible offer and you get left behind in you definitely want to do competitor intelligence or Sales Funnel Hacking. If your sales say you’re up there and it’s running, and you for years, you’re running like a certain amount, and suddenly it drops 80%. Okay, you need to go back to your competitor, maybe they come up with some breakthrough and you’re not aware of, and suddenly they store your business, this does happen. So you want to you know, periodically, you want to do competitive intelligence and know what the sales funnel look like, at least so at least you’re competitive with them. A lot of times people come to me they have a sales funnel, they cannot make a sale. Well, they weren’t competitive after I do the competitive intelligence and show them. They’re like, Oh, you know, they, they literally never looked at their competitors. So I’m not saying that’s you or anything, but if you haven’t do it, and if you haven’t done in a long time, I would say at least once a quarter, which is four times a year, it’s not a lot, but you know, spend the day look at it, and be on top of it, it’s important.

Also, you want to make sure that you are selling to the right people. In other words, if you’re trying to sell, for example, insurance to homeless people, or to you know, say you’re selling sell life insurance to someone on Tik Tok, and you know, average person and Tiktok is 19 to 23, you’re probably not going to make any sales because you’re talking to the wrong prospects. So that sales funnel needs to be really targeting the right people. So you want to have analysis in there. You want to have all kinds of analytics that you can put in, but periodically just do a survey even if nothing’s working, you know, hop on a phone, ask questions, send out emails, get an idea that you are doing this to the right people and you’re really selling to the right audience. It’s really really critical and important. So I would say that’s that’s one of the main things that you want to do and if you’re not you know, if you’re not doing a try to fix it that you’re targeting the right audience, and that’s going to be the traffic at the end. When I answer Chris’s question. I’m actually talking about traffic. So I will kind of ft after go through a couple of channels, and I’ll show you where some of the new ones that are working, because once it gets saturated doesn’t work, and this is what a lot of people run into. But just because it works, it doesn’t mean it’s the right traffic. So that’s, that’s part of your traffic is that it’s the right traffic, that you’re targeting the right prospects. So you can make the sale, even if that’s an appointment, you know, a lot of times it is selling, but it’s got to be the right people. So check that make sure stay on top of it. In always do do some survey, you know, some analytics, it’s very important. Now, your sales funnel in order to work, it has to be crystal clear. And anytime if people are confused, they’re really not going to take action. So it is important. You know, try not to be confused. Try not to have them not understand. And I’ll tell you how, how I know that this is a fact, a lot of times they’ll have a sales funnel, nothing’s converting. I’ve had people try it for a long, long time, they’ll hire me, I’ll take a look at it. And I’ll notice the problem. And I’ll immediately fix it. Well, why is it? Well, I’m not smarter A lot of times is I looked at a different angle, see you because you are selling political, it’s using insurance again. And you go through the terminology. And you start using a term insurance terms. And you throw that in? Well, I don’t understand what it is. And a lot of times if I don’t understand I’m not going to take action. So I’m just going to click go away and go to your competitor. And he’ll explain it to me like a dummy. I say, oh, that’s exactly what I need. And I’ll sign up with him. Well, the way you can discover that it’s not crystal clear, is hire again, a mystery shopper. So you can use that mystery shopper two ways. But that could be you first. But anyway, if you when you do competitive intelligence, but hire someone if your funnel is not working, hire stranger, have them, record it, and then ask them to clarify everything. And I’ll show you the minute when we get a couple slides down, I’ll show you where you can hire these people. But have them explain because then you’ll see what they don’t understand. It’s clear to you, but it’s not clear to the prospect. So you want it to be crystal crystal clear, break everything down. Make no assumptions. And once you you and this is why it’s important to do the sales funnel in a kind of educational teaching manner, because then everything will be clear. So you want to do that. And if you’re gonna do somebody sessions, where you invite people do a little presentation, it will give you a chance to do a q&a, and then they’ll tell you what’s not working. You want to know that just like on my next event, I need to fix whatever I did wrong with this webinar. So those are those are important things. And now I did mention killing objections. You can’t overcome any objections and rebuttal them, which rebuttal means killing objections overcoming them, you can’t do that you don’t know what they are. So it’s important to survey to listen, and to come up with every possible objection objection for your particular sales funnel, which might have a jet object, pretty much every sales funnel has some kind of objection. So if you get to the point by doing more and more and more of the sales funnel and improving and improving, improving, and you get to the point where you have no objections, then that is perfect. That’s what you want. But the best time to overcome that is in the early stages. So what do I mean by that? If people go to your website, and say, for example, you you offer some type of a marketing magnet might be a tip of you know how to save on your insurance? Or maybe it’s like an ebook is how not to get ripped off on term life insurance? Or it’s maybe what is term life insurance? And do you need it? So when I put my name and email and explain it? Well, while I’m reading that, you already know that my objection might be the price. It might not it might be as I’m too young to get it or I’m too old to get it or, you know, having some kind of a sickness and I don’t qualify, you want to address all of that before I get to the point where I’m going to sign up with you for that

life insurance. So we’re using that example. But that might be you know, that might be an app that you’re selling, or that might be you know, real estate or whatever it is that you’re doing, just try to translate. What problems do you see how can you overcome them is early as possible. Now you might have auto responders you might have 12 emails to go out, go out I have actually just finish on Click Funnels couple of weeks ago for another employer. And I set up all these auto responders. Well, what they were doing is they were killing objections. He told me what all the objections are, he told me know what to write. So I wrote all these autoresponders, you set it up. And then as they go out, they tell a story, but it’s really overcoming objections. Now, that might not be autoresponders. In your case, it might be simply a one on one presentation, you might literally meet with people one on one, well, that sales funnel is still doing the same thing. Because after, you know, say you don’t close them, and you get their phone number, you might want to call them while then you try to come to your objections, I always recommend no matter what, you’re never going to close 100% of everything. So try to be able to follow up. And we’ll be talking about that. But in those follow up, try to work some stories on how to overcome the objections. And, for example, let’s go back to the insurance just to give you one example of what a story is, like I could say, you know, the proper age of getting Term Life insurance is 43. That’s what this this this statistics say? Well, that is not as good as if I said, you know, told the story is, you know, there was John over there. And John thought that he doesn’t have to get life insurance until 55. But suddenly, you know, he got ill had he got the life insurance, you know, in his early 40s. By now he would have built up where he could borrow against, and then pay his copay for medical, like I’m making this up. But you know, you know this better than me, you want to build those stories in. So by the time you talk to John, he kind of knows those stories. And why do you want story stories go through the barriers, and your prospect hears stories better, and doesn’t take it as like an aggressive sales pitch. So try to think what kind of stories you can tell the stories that can be like, again, it said it’s could be an email, it could be in a mailer that you send out, it could be in a video, it could be, you know, in a presentation, like the one I’m doing here, try to tell some stories if you can, but it might be just when you talk to the person, then phone, then in the early stages, before you get to your closing, you know, you want to tell those stories. Now, the biggest thing I can tell you on sales funnels is if you can somehow sell the result. Now, not everybody can do this. But if you can, that is going to give you the highest close ratio as possible. Now, for example, I give that life insurance, you might not be able to sell a result, I can’t think of a result right now. However, if you are for example, whatsoever, you know,

I’ll give you an example. Lead Generation. You know, a lot of times people ask me, Well, how many leads can you generate? So I’ll say, Well, what kind of budget do you have? And they’ll say, what platform Do you want to use? And they’ll say, Well, I want to use AdWords, and then you know, I happened to be a chiropractor. I said, Okay, well, let me you know, so I’ll go to software, I’ll look at what chiropractors pay, I’ll look at the city, you know, the bigger city, I’ll come up with an average, click through rates, you know, cost per click, and then I’ll kind of estimate, and then what I’ll do is I’ll build up a buffer, and I’ll I’ll give a guarantee, you know, or I’ll eat it. Because you know, if you if you can structure it that way, and you get a guarantee, well, now they know what the budget is, and they know the results that is a much easier to close. Then I said well, I can’t guarantee, you know, just you know, pay 3000 a month, I guarantee nothing that is very hard to sign up, then you know, pay 3000 a month. And these is how many leads I guarantee. And you already told me that it’s about a 25% close ratio. And then you know, an average chiropractor customer is worth this many $1,000 Well, now we can work out the numbers in a proposal. And that’s what they want to see. They want to see numbers they want to see results. So they have the clarity, which we talked about earlier. So try to think of what kind of results you can offer. And that’s really what you’re going after. Now, what you want to do is have this sales funnel special. Now what do I mean by that? I was one of the I used to go to a lot of these seminars when I was healthy. And before COVID I haven’t done anything years, but I would go to these events and like I was invited to a associate iation. And it was the last one of the last ones was a credit repair Association. And it was in Las Vegas, I actually literally signed up about a third of everybody there, something like that. It was like one of the highest close ratio ever. But one of the reasons is it was specifically because they were members of this association, I made that sales funnel special. If there was a reason for it, they believed it and I wasn’t lying. So try to think how can you make it special, it could be because you’re doing a webinar, like this is a webinar zoom, you know, could be because, you know, it’s a special day like Black Friday, or actually, I’ve been to three times to the Chamber of Commerce. And then I will use the Chamber of Commerce. Or it could be, you know, some type of a book launch that you’re doing have had a couple of people that I’ve worked with over the years. In the book launch, they actually made a special appointment deal, where they normally charge this time, they don’t charge because of the book. Well now it’s not a freebie, I’ll think about it, I’m going to take advantage of it, it makes it special. Okay, so the more you can make it special, without lying being true, you’re going to increase your sales funnel conversion, incredibly. So think about that. What can you do? The other thing is you do want to be likeable, any anybody, you’d be shocked, I will listen to calls. People get frustrated, even even nice people, sometimes they’re running to person if they’re doing especially to your phone sales, or they just get burned out in seven days. And I listen to the call and they’re like really like a jerk, they’re condescending, they’re passive aggressive, it’s almost impossible. If you’re rude to close that sales funnel, you know, get to, it’s impossible. And if people, then literally, they’re not going to do business, they’ll go out of their way to go to your competitor. So you never, you know, you got to, you know, listen, listen to yourself, record it, hire someone, as a consultant, spend a couple of hours to listen and evaluate to make sure you’re a likable person. And that’s an easy fix. Once you become aware of it, a lot of times, if I just say it to someone I’m working with, they’ll fix it immediately. So be likable. Again, it’s not one on one only, it’s not phone only, it’s your emails, it’s your direct mail, it’s any kind of contact touch that you have throughout the sales funnel, okay, very important. And then the other thing that you can do that’s going to help incredibly increase your sales funnel is going to be lowering risk. People are risk adverse. So you want to overcome the risk as much as humanly possible. So you want to do that. And the thing, the thing is, if you can make it bulletproof, there’s no risk, you’re going to increase the conversion. And what do I mean by that? You know, I’ve had, excuse me, I’ve had people who sell these high ticket products, you know, and they’ll give in, literally, you know, you have to do this, this, this, this, this, this, or I’m not going to give you your money back. Well, it’s very hard, especially if you’re early meeting this person, and they just came through your webinar, and you’re trying to get $7,000. Well, same thing, like you know, if your life insurance is very expensive. So some kind of a money back guarantee that you can build in do lower the risk, it’s going to increase the conversions in the sales funnel. So it’s very important. Now, I actually when when I went to Belgrade, I had to buy a phone. Because I had an American phone in for my Serbian phone in Belgrade. I had to put this sim card so I end up buying one. And I said, you know if this phone doesn’t work, how many days do I have to return it now actually, I’ve done this with

nothing in this whole country can be returned. That’s basically the moral of the story. However, he immediately rebuttal that he said, Oh, but not a problem. Bring the phone I got, you know, 200 other phones. You know, we’re replacing it. You know, I have a whole year if ever breaks. So you immediately went to the rebuttal and I bought the phone. You know, that’s the moral of the story without like in America. I don’t worry about it. I just asked him how many days you know, Walmart, it’s 30 days Best Buy. It’s 14 days, Amazon, two months, whatever. You don’t have that sometimes or you can’t do it. Make sure You have like an exchange or something. And then finally, I’ll end with this. I’ve actually worked with the guy who had, he was so good. He had such an incredible product. People loved it. He rarely ever, ever had a return. What he did is he said, in his clothes, is if you are not happy, or there’s a problem, or whatever, I will give you not only your money back, but I’ll give you double the money back. That’s an incredible confidence. Now, not everybody can do that. You know, but imagine if you can do something like that, you know, it’s going to really overcome the risk really well. And then I’ll tell you guys, what I’ve been doing recently, on an on my service that I do, like if somebody, for example, hires me to do a sales funnel, auto responder website, whatever work they hire me in, then I can tell that they’re uneasy, because they just met me, even when somebody recommended me, and you know, I need to work next week, I got no work, and I got to pay the bills. And I’m working from home. So what I’ve been doing, and this is kind of new, and it’s worked very well. So what I do is I said, Listen, Bob, we’ll use Bob again, here. Listen, Bob, here’s what we’ll do. I start on Monday, I always invoice and they send up. Actually, I used to charge the money up front. So let’s say for example, the whole job is $4,000. It will take me a month to build this click funnel, you know, on click use the software, I build a whole thing up. It’s $4,000. Now they don’t I try to I normally charge the 40% up front. Well, now they’re very skeptical. So then I came up with 1000 upfront, well, some people are still skeptical. So that doesn’t work. What I done is I said, Listen, I’m gonna go work the full first week, these are the deliverables Friday, I send you a report, you look at it, if you’re not happy, don’t pay, not only you don’t pay, I won’t even send you an invoice. So I’ve been doing that. And it’s really gotten me the business. So I stay employed. And it’s really helped. I don’t know if you can do that. But this is something I came up with. And it really works well, because it removes a lot of the risk. So they got a week to kind of see how they work with me, they see the quality of the work even though it’s partial. And now they can see well Dan’s for real, he’s not trying to the people just don’t want to be ripped off taken advantage of and then this, this really overcomes that objection. So anyway, I hope that helps you think about, you know, for your particular case. The other thing, there’s a book by Robert Cal Dini, at the end, if you want I’ll give you a link, when we get to the q&a, if you want this, I recommend everybody who’s in sales to read this. Anyway, in there, he talks about reciprocity. If you can give some kind of a gift of some sort something of value that they value, they almost feel obligated that they want to do did give you back and a lot of times that might be that tipping point to do business with you. Now, sometimes you cannot give anything of value. But if you can just educate them even say, for example, you were insurance, and they’re never going to do business with you, but educate them. While you’re going to say listen, Bob, you know, if you you know, say you don’t go with me make sure when you’re ready to buy the insurance, you don’t get ripped off. This is what insurance agents do. You educate them, you give them everything, even if they’re gonna do business with you what they’re going to feel that is like a gift. Because now you were open up, you were selfless. You cared about them. You protected them because you made them aware of how term life insurance works and water the angles that insurance use to scam customers. Well, now you look like a hero. But subconsciously, you gave him that gift. It’s really an incredible thing. This reciprocity. Again, read that book influenced by Robert Cal dini. It’s, it’s really incredible. I’ll give you the link at the end if you can’t find it. Also, the one thing that’s important a lot of times for the vast majority, especially on the internet for your sales funnel, is there’s got to be some type of actually I’m not sure what’s going on with these images here. I’ll fix it so I apologize. But anyway, back to this scarcity. You want to have like an eBay, you know, before they got this buy it now that used to be you know, say you, you have to bid and the end is Sunday at 3pm. Well, you gotta You got to take action. If you want this item, you got to take action. It’s for real, it’s believable. And Robert Cialdini actually talks about scarcity, too. So a lot of times what you want to overcome the objection is, let me think about it. A lot of times for a lot of sales funnel, there is no think about it, because there is no tomorrow, you’re never going to get the deal. So what you got to do is you got a built in scarcity, and it cannot be a lie. Now, let me give you two examples, real life examples. One is, you know, many years ago, I used to sell websites. Now, I actually one website sold was $30,000. And I actually had quite a few meetings, I had the board with me, it was a big organization. And they still couldn’t close. And then at the end, I could sense that I need one final thing. And I thought everything was overcome every objection, everything for the $30,000 deal. And then what finally I closed, the deal was that I said, here’s the deal.

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