What do people really use Linkedin For?

I just received this question which is what do people really use LinkedIn for?

I really don’t know what everyone is using LinkedIn for but I will answer for me specifically and also 4 about a little less than a dozen of my paying clients, and hopefully, that will give you an idea.

So here are some of the top reasons that people are really using LinkedIn for in the real world which I have either done myself or seen people do:

1. LINKEDIN EVENTS. Before my immune system was destroyed by stage 4 cancer I used to Live events around the country and do presentations. I can no longer do this and have discovered LinkedIn events where I can do pretty much the same thing virtually for free via LinkedIn. this is helping me make connections and get hired so I can generate some money for my bill collectors and pay down my debt. that being said I’ve actually seen a couple of people utilize LinkedIn events for high ticket products and services and do much better than I have myself.

2. MEET INTERESTING PEOPLE. since I’ve been on LinkedIn I’ve been able to meet some very interesting and amazing people. Not everything leads to business but I have managed to Mastermind what’s some of them and they have given me great ideas on how to move forward in my situation and some pretty sure I’ve helped some of them with fresh ideas and how they can grow their business or solve some problems that they were stuck with.

3. STAY MOTIVATED. I don’t spend a tremendous amount of time on LinkedIn however I do spend 5 to 20 minutes a day on the feed and often see some very motivational posts then help me get motivated for my particular day.

4. LEARNING. I do attend a LinkedIn event at least two to four times per month. I have learned a great deal at these events and often get to meet attendees because when you register I think the other attendees can see me and some of them reach out to connect and some made some great connections from just attending these events.

5. WRITE LINKEDIN ARTICLES. I just recently started writing LinkedIn articles and I like doing so because it helps me formulate a chapter for my Amazon Kindle ebook. This way I get to layout the chapter and it keeps me motivated to write it. This way when I rewrite the chapter for the Kindle ebook it’s a little bit better.

These are just a few things. I do get messages every day and I try to respond to them when I can. This has lead do some additional work for me or just meet people that I like chatting with.

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